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We proudly present this photo restoration before and after video for your enjoyment.


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Here is a nostalgic restoration we are very proud of. Please be sure to visit our Gallery for many more examples of our work!

Please "Mouse - Over" the image below to view our "before" image.

Once your photo is restored, we offer extras, like custom aged film emulation and some very unique digital framing designs and mattings. Have your restored photo printed on cups, murals, canvas, mouse pads, calendars and much more. We can even turn your photo into a painting with visible brush strokes, starting at $9.95.

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FYI - Truly great portraits can often be recovered from video footage!

Our Photo Restoration Gallery   See Examples
Our gallery is full of mouse over style examples featuring before and after versions of each piece. We also feature a short before and after video. We welcome your visit. Please enjoy your stay.

Can we repair your damaged photo?
We are always rewarded with wonderful stories and background information on these vintage and historical keepsakes. The history and time periods they document are worth more than money. We truly live for the opportunity to preserve one of these time capsules and to feel the love from our customers, who always send tearful thank you letters that just touch your soul.


Our Mission
Bringing back memories!
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We hope to bring your memories back to life by restoring your treasured keepsakes to like new condition. We are skilled at preserving your photo's charming aged look while repairing the time induced damage that is nearly unavoidable as the years pass. Cracks, tears fading and creasing are common problems we can easily repair. Your photo restoration project is good hands. At Photo Refurbish we aspire to provide realistic photo restoration, staying true to factual criteria, age assessment, and true to life details that often only a historic witness can provide.

You've chosen to attempt to roll back time, to regain what you once had, and to restore and permanently preserve your vintage photo for future generations.

Reactions we recieve to our end results are quite simply, beyond words. Those moments are why we are here.

We specialize in old photo repair and digital photo editing service. Let us give you back your precious memories to never be destroyed again. Let us help you document your heroes.

At Photo Refurbish, our processes are often absolutely undetectable to the trained eye and nearly undetectable to even a trained document examiner or professional with a microscope. If that is the necessity your old photo restoration presents, we are highly skilled in this restoration aspect.

We work with you to determine your needs, weather it be classic restoration and archiving, or for presentation and display. At Photo Refurbish, we try to ask the right questions and make your photo restoration a personal treasure.
At Photo Refurbish photo restoration we also offer restoration slide shows. We will be happy to repair old photos and present them in video form, for a memorial tribute video presentations. DVD or Blu-Ray

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Our Process

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We specialize digital photo editing and retouching. We can revitalize worn or damaged photos and often vastly improve an otherwise normal photo. Old photos restored to perfection and new photos made even better.

Simply scan your photograph and e-mail them. Let our techs at Photo Refurbish show you how easy it is to transform your old photo into a presentation worthy of framing.

We evaluate the display environment and possible arrangements meant to highlight the photo's character. Often a photo restoration grouping is requested and efforts are made to make sure the presentation is balanced and eye appealing. 

If historic accuracy is not an issue, a background can be replaced to better highlight the subject's beauty. Background changes and custom manipulations can set your photo arrangements apart. Customized your grouping to fit seamlessly with your decor and surrounding photos for an eye appealing photo restoration grouping.

At Photo Refurbish, we discuss the intent of the customers photo restoration project ask the right questions to determine where your needs are in terms of preserving and restoring your old photo's history or focusing on the photos beauty and it's qualifications for a unique photo restoration display piece.

Our photo restoration team will be working closely with you to assure your photo restoration is factually and historically correct. Let us document your restoration to disc or burn a slideshow to DVD for you. Your photo restoration will last forever.

Bringing back memories!
Let us restore your cherished keepsakes.

Ease Of Use
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Free prompt electronic delivery of your full resolution final draft make us a smart choice for economic photo restoration turnaround. "We are always able to assure our customers that scratched, beaten up, and even disfigured photos can often be restored to new quality. No matter what the extent of damage, let us use our cutting edge photo restoration techniques to make your seemingly impossible request a shining reality."

We welcome custom photo groupings, custom family tree photos, genealogy projects and scrap books, etc!

The finest in Digital Photo Restoration and Enhancement.

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